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Swimming Pool Doors

Waterproof, bacteria & chemical resistant

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Speedflex food safe impact doors are the ideal solution for all food preparation and manufacturing applications. Each door is purposely engineered with a non-porous door surface and a frameless vision section. The non-porous surface and frameless vision section limits the possibility of dirt, grease and bacteria forming on the doors. You can choose to clean the doors with either a jet wash or your standard cleaning detergent therefore leaving the doors as hygienic as the rest of your facility.

The specially manufactured HMW panels are resistant to solvents and chemicals and are recognised as food safe. Cleaning can be achieved by way of detergents and high pressure washers as each door is designed to be waterproof and only consists of stainless steel components and plastics.

The use of a specific high grade polyethylene material ensures the Speedflex range of food safe swing doors are the most robust food safe swing doors available. The Speedflex food safe swing door range has been thoroughly tested in the toughest food production environments and is therefore an ideal solution to any food production or manufacturing door needs.

Each Speedflex food safe swing door is manufactured using a stainless steel hinge system with a fully adjustable tension feature. This allows each door to be individually tailored to suit the application. All Speedflex polyethylene doors are designed to eliminate common problems associated with older style crash doors and high impact traffic doors which crack or split. This can have devastating effects in applications where infection control or hygiene is essential as crevices can form in damaged areas and lead to contamination and bacterial issues.

Our expert design engineering service allows Speedflex to offer a bespoke manufacturing service on all polyethylene doors. Each polyethylene door can be manufactured using almost any colour as well as a variety of window shapes and finishes.

The Speedflex food safe swing door range offers both the polyethylene and teardrop bumper system. These bumpers are positioned in accordance to the impact position of the passing traffic. Customers can choose to include either or both types of bumper systems on their door. Customers can also choose between either a full length stainless steel or aluminium fixing spine. These fixing spines are pre-drilled therefore making installation that much easier.

Utilising the very latest material technology, our virtually maintenance free food safe swing door range can be easily cleaned so that the door maintains its original new appearance.

Technical Data

Spine Thickness 45mm
Blade Thickness 15mm
Blade Material HMW food safe polyethylene
Fixings Stainless steel
Mounting Options Full height aluminium (standard) / stainless steel spine (optional)
Operation Manual swing, dual action swing
Hinges Full stainless steel hinge, fixings & spring system
Hinge Operation Hold open (optional) or automatic return (standard)
Closing Force Fully adjustable NM force via compression spring system
Safety Features Leading edge & door jamb anti-finger trap system
Window System Upper 15mm clear acrylic upper vision panel as standard.
DDA Window System Optional lower DDA window (see window options below)
Waterproof Yes
Washable Yes
Chemical Resistant Yes
Food Safe Yes
Single Doors Maximum Width 1350mm
Double Doors Maximum Width 2800mm
Maximum Height 3000mm

Food Safe CNC Bumpers
Food safe impact bumpers CNC machined to any shape and size. Colour co-ordinated to offer visual area detection and risk identity, ideal for hygiene applications.

Teardrop Bumpers
Black drape formed teardrop spring style bumpers in black pinseal and leather grain finish. Spring profile reduces noise but can reduce opening width due to bumper profile.

traffic door window options
Upper Windows Width from 250-400, height from 300 to 800, please enquire.
DDA Lower Windows 200mm x 300mm
Window Shapes Rectangular (standard) / other shapes optional, please enquire
Window Vision Clear (standard) / optional frosted and colour acrylic, please enquire

Speedflex swing doors are available in any RAL colour. Unlike any other type of material our doors are constructed using a specialist grade HMW material, this is a solid dense panel which has no surface coating. Unlike some coated surfaces that ‘chip’ and may leave harmful materials exposed, our swing doors are a solid construction with the same colour and material through the total material thickness.

Many parts of our doors including bumper strips can be manufactured in similar or contrasting colours to match almost any architectural or corporate colour schemes. Our swing door range is also available with marble & granite effects allowing customers the chance to be creative with the design of each door.

The ability to select a range of finishes and options help ensure integration into existing corporate identity colour schemes. Similarly each door can be designed to incorporate a wide range of coloured window options and various surface finishes. For a more detailed specification and a very competitive quotation please get in touch using the contact page of this website. (some colours may be subject to minimum order quantities)

Please visit our downloads section for technical information on this product.